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About Us


At ACORN Woodland Elementary, we see our young scholars as seeds who are planted in their families and communities. We expect that every student will grow to meet his or her full potential, just as an acorn grows into a mighty oak tree. To do so requires dedication, high expectations and excellent teaching. Through the focus on rigorous academics, character values and leadership skills, we provide the roots for our young scholars to be like mighty oak trees. Scholars leave AWE grounded in their communities yet prepared to branch out to achieve higher education.‚Äč

Our Approach 

At AWE, we have a multi-layered approach to ensure that all students meet our high standards:

  1. Providing a rigorous, standards-driven instructional program
    In order to serve our diverse community of students, we employ a variety of strategies to ensure that a solid base of grade level skills are mastered, while fostering creative and critical thinking among our students. We take an interdisciplinary approach to projects, integrating art, science and technology throughout the curriculum. We are systematic about teaching the standards and provide multiple ways for students to reach mastery.
  2. Focusing on character and leadership development 
    In order to thrive, AWE scholars must develop both character and leadership skills. We explicitly teach our 9 Core Values and provide recognition for students as they demonstrate these values.
  3. Fostering a supportive and accountable professional learning community
    At AWE, teachers are learners focused on results. We hold every teacher to rigorous standards of professional development while recognizing that support must accompany accountability. Support and accountability are built into our program through peer observations, protocols, weekly collaboration and professional development.
  4. Maximizing community and family partnerships
    Families are valued and respected as integral partners in the education of children in the AWE school community. We believe that we can maximize the learning for every child when their families are brought in as experts and resources. Community leaders and organizations are also valued as partners throughout the school.

Uniform Policy

We are a full uniform school. Every student is required to wear a forest green shirt with dark blue or kaki pants. 

Contact Us

1025 81st Avenue
Oakland, CA 94621

Phone: (510) 879-5570
Fax: (510) 627-9570